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Commodity Trading Solutions

Quantum Capital exemplifies expertise in commodity trading. We offer solutions for commodities trading in crude oil, refined petroleum products, iron ore, concentrates and refined metals as well as agricultural commodities. We have capabilities in oil and gas, base and precious metals. In the oil sector, Quantum Capital has access to very large storage facilities through partners who own storage facilities, terminals and long-term lease agreements with third party oil terminals; We can assist to time charter large vessels worldwide for transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products and Liquefied Natural Gas.

Doing Business with us

Simplifying complexity

Central to Quantum Capital’s approach to business is a culture that values each individual stakeholder as a respected source of insight that empowers us to respond to the needs of our customers. This not only promotes an energetic approach to meeting our customer’s requirement but also benefits Quantum Capital’s own business through the initiative that we show in responding to market opportunities.

Our long-term commitment to the commodities we trade in is demonstrated through our strategic client base and strategic partnerships in key markets: Operators of mines, storage facilities as well as other logistical solutions. This commitment provides real benefits to our clients through the competitive advantage it brings: our ability to deliver at the right specification, at the right time and at the right price. Supporting our customers and suppliers often means providing services beyond our core business of sourcing and supplying commodities. Increasingly we are offering logistical transport as well as finance and other types of risk management to our customers through our partners.

The future

Growing sustainably

The trade in commodities is in stark correlation to a range of geopolitical trends and developments. The ability to identify and react to these as well as to implement in a sustainable way is a key for Quantum Capital’s success. Prominent among the challenges and opportunities emerging over the medium term are increasing demand for ocean freight, changing legislation, the importance of inland infrastructure, the rise of renewable energy, electrification, the demands of oil exploration and the growing influence of China on commodity markets.

Quantum Capital’s understanding of these and other developments rests upon our diversity as a company, our long-term commitment to the commodities we trade, real-time information, research and scenario planning. Spotting talent, and encouraging individual employees to develop their skills are vital to the ability of Quantum Capital to monitor shifts in supply and demand. It is the local knowledge and network of individuals that frequently provide us with a competitive edge when it comes to an understanding of market trends.