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About Us

About About Us

Quantum Capital headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland

is a global investment and advisory firm providing financial services to private, families, corporate and institutional clients. We aim to deliver world-class discretionary services to individual investors, charities, trusts and institutions and to provide unique insights, investment opportunities and access to service excellence worldwide. We are on-the-ground everywhere you might want us to be. We offer complete services that are customized to fit your needs – from Wealth Management to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.


Our clients are at the core of our strategy. Our prime strategic focus is Wealth Management alongside with global advisory activities expertise. We pursue a client-focused integrated financial services strategy, solving complex client needs and adding value to their businesses, leveraging our global expertise in Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Commodities Trading. The collaboration of our different core business areas enables us achieve a stable and sustainable returns. We aim for profitable growth over business cycles and an improved business mix with a conservative risk/return profile.

Our mission is to set new standards in partnering with our clients and providing them with integrated financial solutions. We compete to be one of the leading provider of financial solutions for demanding clients creating exceptional value for them. We strive to create an open, respectful workplace that encourages people to work together and with our clients to deliver superior products, services and results and support the success and prosperity of all our stakeholders.

We are a Swiss based investment boutique dedicated to excellence, constantly challenging the status quo to anticipate future needs and to deliver superior solutions to our customers. That is why for us delivering superior solutions is far more than just a claim – it is the way we do business. We are a multi-cultural institution that unites the energy and expertise of our diverse workforce to generate extraordinary results for our clients.