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Private Equity

Private equity as an asset class has grown rapidly, as awareness of the potential for high returns that may be available from private equity investments has increased. Successful private equity fund investments depend on careful manager selection along with the ability to access those managers who are among the best in the business, combined with patience to allow investments time to mature. Private equity can also diversify a portfolio otherwise focused on traditional asset classes and this diversification can enhance portfolio returns.

In Quantum Capital Private Equity, we privately negotiate investments in public and private companies with the objective of: Increasing the value of the target company by either taking a controlling position or a significant stake in the company and influencing its strategic direction and financial structure. Ultimately realizing the value created through exiting the investment via a trade sale, buyout, recapitalisation or initial public offering (IPO). Quantum Capital Private Equity invests in companies at various stages of their development, from financing start-ups, to infusing growth equity into an expanding company, to buying out mature businesses. Our private equity investment activities are generally divided into four broad categories: Venture Capital, Growth Capital, Buyouts and Special Situations. Each category has its own respective dynamics and pursues wide-ranging investment strategies.