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Trust Administration Services

Trust Administration Services

You can use trusts for a variety of purposes such as passing wealth on to successive generations or establishing charitable foundations. Effective trust planning, management and administration can be an extremely complex matter. Our selected partners have been planning, implementing and managing high-value trust funds for decades. You may also consider a philanthropic trustee in your own right, designed to address social and cultural issues close to your heart.

Trust Services with a difference

For a secure future

You can still retain some control over the money by naming yourself as trustee. The trustees are responsible for distributing the assets to the people you have designated and under the terms you have specified. It is therefore vital to choose both the right type of trust and the right trustees. We will help you decide which type of trust is right for your needs, and can also act as your professional trustees.

  • Professional advice – our fiduciary specialist partners are experts in all areas of trust management and estate administration. Working closely with you, to take careful account of your personal financial priorities, they can help establish beneficial trusts
  • Administration – complete confidentiality, professional investment management, plus estate inheritance, and the diligence and attention to detail of our custodial and record keeping services
  • Impartiality and flexibility – we are happy to act as sole executor and trustee for you, or to work in partnership with other trustees such as family members and professional advisers. When trustees have to weigh the merits of one family member’s claims against another, our impartiality can prove invaluable
  • Simplified accounting – the integration of transactions makes for the quick and accurate preparation of accounts and auditors reports
The Benefits of Trust

Security. Effective succession planning

Different trusts confer different benefits, but among the most significant are: Effective tax planning for your assets and your inheritance Ongoing financial security for you and your dependents The ability to direct the use of your assets both now and in future