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Pension Fund Management

At Quantum Capital, we provide strategic advice to institutional pension fund managers in cooperation with our partnering global asset managers. Together we construct the most efficient portfolios to achieve your long-term financial targets.

On an individual private level we can work with you to develop strategies to accumulate wealth in order for you to enjoy your retirement years, and to help you protect yourself and your family in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

Our team can offer a range of investments that are both tax-efficient and offer good growth potential. We’ll help you select a suitable pension plan and advise you on how to maximize the gains from your contributions. As a customer receiving independent advice, you’ll have a choice of pension arrangements. We will help you to review any existing schemes and select the right plan for your pension.

We will evaluate your goals, personal circumstances and projected living costs to set financial targets, and look to achieve these using an investment plan that’s tailored to you – at the same time taking account of your need to provide cover for you and your family should your circumstances change.

Of course, we’ll work closely with other financial institutions to ensure your portfolio is run effectively and efficiently.  In the right circumstances, you can benefit from switching your pension arrangements right up until retirement.

Set Your Pension Goals

to secure a bright future

We can help you set clear goals for your retirement
By setting yourself pension goals, you create a good basis for optimizing your pension. Our pension advisors will be pleased to conduct a comprehensive pension analysis for you.

  • Safeguarding living expenses if you lose your income as a result of illness or accident
  • Ensuring adequate coverage for your partner in the event of your death
  • Safeguarding your desired standard of living in old age
  • Purchasing residential property
  • Becoming self-employed
  • Making optimum use of potential tax savings from pensions

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