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Global Custody

In collaboration with our strategic banking partners, Quantum Capital provides a flexible infrastructure that is tailored to your investment requirements. This is based on safe custody and efficient management of your assets within our global custodian network.

Quantum Capital will provide you access to a comprehensive range of securities administration services and hence will ensure secure custody services and efficient management of your securities.

Our global network of experienced sub-custodians assures that your securities are handled efficiently and professionally.
All your partners, such as asset managers and brokers, can be flexibly integrated into this infrastructure.

With our global network of custodians, we will provide you custody solutions to centralize and safe keep all your assets.

Furthermore, we will provide you an overview of all investments and asset classes managed for you by various independent managers in various jurisdictions.

You will be able to compare performance of your various asset managers and achieve a consolidated performance of your assets while maintaining an efficient compliance and risk monitoring of all your investment activities.

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