A trust allows you to protect your wealth and provide financial security for your beneficiaries. It may also help to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability, whilst income within the trust may be taxed at lower rates. Other features are: You can rely on our expertise for all your succession planning needs. Our goal is to ensure that your wealth ends up in the right hands and the value of your assets is protected as much as possible.
We can ensure your succession arrangements meet your personal wishes and goals.

You can still retain some control over the money by naming yourself as trustee. The trustees are responsible for distributing the assets to the people you have designated and under the terms you have specified. It is therefore vital to choose both the right type of trust and the right trustees. We will help you decide which type of trust is right for your needs, and can also act as your professional trustees.
We’ll take care of the whole range of trust administration including:

  • Managing the trust’s assets and investments
  • Maintaining the trust’s accounting records
  • Completing all tax returns and payments to your beneficiaries

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