Family Office

If you have a complex network of holdings establishing a Family Office can provide the oversight, control and coordination you require.

Family Office

Consolidating matters

Families of considerable net worth often maintain an array of holdings – from real estate and business assets to trust funds and other investments in many different countries.
Supervision of these assets has often been delegated to portfolio managers and portfolio managers and banks, sometimes almost as diverse as the assets themselves. Family Office Services from Quantum Capital aim to consolidate matters, by providing an overview of the performance of your assets – and your asset managers – no matter how geographically dispersed they may be.

Benefits of Family Office Services

Providing a clear view

  • Convenience – we can assume responsibility for monitoring asset performance and professional advisers*
  • Security – receive an objective appraisal of the overall value of your holdings
  • Professional reporting – documentation of weaknesses and risks, performance benchmarking
  • Quality advice – from us, and from your professional advisers, once everyone shares a greater understanding of your overall position
  • Cost efficiency – with reduced complexity, participation in contract negotiations and cost advantages of single administration

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