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Quantum Suisse Capital headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is an investment and advisory firm with global reach providing financial services to private individuals, families, corporate and institutional clients.


Customers first.

We are independent and have no conflicting loyalties. Quantum Suisse Capital clients’ interest always comes first. We believe that this philosophy will result in long-term success of all our stakeholders.

Meritocracy and Innovation.

Performance and innovation are our core principles, to serve our clients’ interest and uphold the highest ethical standards. Quantum Suisse Capital’s axiom entails the power of innovation and a high performance culture.

Integrity and Sustainability.

The fundamental basis of all our decisions is ‘doing the right thing’, always maintaining a long-term perspective. We live and work to create sustainable value for our customers and social impact for the global community.


Quantum Suisse Capital has sophisticated expertise in advising Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Wealth Management means more than investment advice. This service for wealthy clients encompasses the entire range of money matters throughout all phases of life – from financing to corporate finance to retirement planning and pension fund management. The focus is on a long-term, trusting relationship between the client and us. Understanding your needs and goals enables us to present a package of solutions that is right for your family office.


Quantum Suisse Capital is constantly developing innovative solutions to meet the financing, investing and hedging needs of our clients. Together with our partner banks around the globe we engage in origination, sales, structuring and trading activities for debt, equity, foreign exchange, derivative and money market products. Our excellent relationship with clients and our strategic partnership with global financial institutions enable us to identify investment banking opportunities as well as bespoke, innovative solutions for our customers.


Quantum Suisse Capital will analyse and determine the appropriate financing option for your particular situation. Upon which we will leverage our strategic partnerships with various institutional investors, foreign investment banks, and multi-lateral finance organizations to help businesses access the required finance for their projects. This sits at the core of our work and embodies our passion at Quantum Capital. We are connecting businesses and our customers to the global Capital Markets to unravel business ideas and create commercial and social impact.


Quantum Suisse Capital exemplifies expertise in commodity trading. We offer solutions for commodities trading in crude oil, refined petroleum products, iron ore, metals and agricultural commodities. We have capabilities in oil and gas, base and precious metals. In the oil sector, Quantum Capital has access to very large storage facilities through partners who own storage facilities, terminals and long-term lease agreements with third party oil terminals. We can assist to time charter large vessels worldwide for transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products and Liquefied Natural Gas.

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